University of Zadar

Department of Information Sciences

Director of  Conference and School: Professor  Mirna Willer, PhD

Secretary:  Marijana Tomić, PhD, Assistant Professor


in cooperation with:

UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Department of Information Studies, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

Professor Anne J. Gilliland, PhD, Director, Center for Information as Evidence



Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria

VESTIGIA – Manuscript Research Centre

Professor Erich Renhart, PhD, Director


ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research, Vienna, Austria

Dr. Thomas Aigner, MAS, President


Scientific Centre of Excellence for Croatian Glagolitism, Zagreb, Croatia

Professor  Milan Mihaljević, PhD, Director


Supported by:

Croatian State Archive

Director: Vlatka Lemić, PhD


Program committee members:

Thomas Aigner, PhD

Gordon Dunsire

Professor Anne J. Gilliland, PhD

Vlatka Lemić, PhD

Professor Milan Mihaljević, PhD

Professor Erich Renhart, PhD

Professor  Mirna Willer, PhD


Organization board members:

Professor Anne J. Gilliland, PhD

Assistant Professor Marijana Tomić, PhD

Professor  Mirna Willer, PhD